Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tea Robot

You have noticed the different labels I put on my various articles and blog entries. They range from "bacon" and "bread" to "Lego" and "vintage toys". My articles usually fall under more than one category, and are therefore given multiple labels. Let's say I write about Jetfire. As he is both a robot, and a vintage toy, it makes sense to give the article the "robot" label as well as the "Vintage" label. And since I rarely talk about contemporary robots, many of my Transformers articles usually have these two labels. Likewise with the "motuc" label, which usually is accompanied with the "rant" label. 

Today, I will need to use two labels I never expected to use together. I certainly don't mind. Tea and robots are two passions of mine. I got the tea robot from my mother, I guess she felt I needed to drink more tea, and that I don't own enough robots. I agree on both accounts. He's made of metal, like any good robot, and he clings on to the rim of the cup until he has fulfilled his purpose. 

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GIJigsaw said...

Awesome! Have to get me one of those!