Like it says, here are the articles I would recommend others to read. Obviously, not everything I write and put on the blog is worth checking out, and sometimes I post extremely simple entries, only consisting of a picture or a paragraph or two. But there are also many articles I'm very satisfied with. Articles I think others can appreciate too.
While the stuff I'm most satisfied with usually ends up being read by a good handful people anyway (like the Whiskey/Lego one), there are a few nice articles that end up being forgotten and hidden way down in the underbelly of this blog.

All the recipes I've posted can be found here, but I also write about food in general. Here are some of my favorites:
Bouillabaisse - An excellent soup thing with various seafood.
The Bread - This is essential reading, essential knowledge. The bread should be in everyone's repertoire.
Cucumber Trick - Uhh.. Not sure what this is.
Marzipan Confection - The very special cameo appearance of my cat. The recipe isn't bad either.
The Onion - I get philosophical over a vegetable.

Figure Friday
The scrapped theme I had where I put the spotlight on a specific toy, which usually resulted in a longer article. Some of these are worth the read.
Figure Friday: Jetfire - It's the grail.
Figure Friday: Tomahawk - Such an excellent toy, I'm pleased with how this article turned out.
Figure Friday: Starman - I got to talk a bit about comics, took some decent pictures of the light-up play feature.
Figure Friday: StarCom - I like the comparison pictures in this one, and it was just this massive surge of nostalgia.
Figure Friday: Desert Fox - A favorite from my childhood. Led to a follow up.


The Box Art of MOTU Vehicles - I'm pleased with the write-up on this one. MOTU had some gorgeous box art.
The Math Behind Soundwave - Not my work, but I had a small part in it. Excellent writing, funny and informative. Worth the read!
Ocean Week: Monsters of the Sea - There are some good stories here, and lots of different toys are pictured.
Toys Spotted on Fringe - Oh I got to snob out on this one, both with comics and toys.
International Carded G.I. Joes - I have made it a thing to have carded Joes from various countries.
Galactus' Dutch Trout - One of the earliest articles, featuring the hungriest of them all...

Some articles doesn't really fit anywhere, like my rant on the Nerd Chic. But if you're looking for something specific, leave a comment in one of the articles, or look through the various keywords - the labels - to find articles that could be of interest.