G.I. Joe Month

After I got back my collection of G.I. Joe toys from the museum, I decided to dedicate an entire month to G.I. Joe-related articles. I kept my promise, even though I had to sneak a few recipes into the mix. For Joe fans, I hope there was something of interest, both in good/different pictures, interesting articles and a few rare figures. For those of you who worry, I can reassure you that I still have a great amount of G.I. Joe toys that have yet to be featured in Toys and Bacon.

I started off with the big one, the Hundred Best G.I. Joe figures, and continued for a full month with specific articles on single figures, vehicles and a few odd ones. Here's how it went down:

March 18: The 100 Best G.I. Joe Figures
March 21: Does size matter?
March 23: Action Force Quarrel
March 26: Cobra Moray Hydrofoil... Almost
March 28: Power Fighters
March 30: Scoop
April 2: Slugger
April 4: Repaints
April 6: Action Force Hyena
April 9: Kebab Sauce (yes, it's a Joe article)
April 11: Holy Grails
April 13: Cobra BUGG
April 16: Skymate
April 18: Conclusion