This is a blog about toys and food.

If you click through a few articles, you'll soon see that they're not necessarily straight forward recipes or pictures of toys. I love to steer of track, play with words, tell anecdotes, and - if possible - combine the two subjects of toys and food.

I wouldn't call myself a skilled cook, but I'm slowly learning. Some things I do extremely well, like baking bread and altering recipes. But on the subject of finer meals and big cakes, I'm on a more ordinary level.
The name promises bacon, and for those that want the juicy bits, click the label "bacon" in the label cloud. I try to have bacon related articles every now and then.

When it comes to the other half of the blog, I will admit I love toys. I'm a nostalgic, a collector, and I have a rather large collection of vintage toys - mostly action figures and Lego. All though I don't buy as many toys these days, I'm easily tempted.

The blog is updated every Tuesday, Thursday and occasionally in the weekend.

In the past, you have been reading Figure Friday articles. These focus exclusively on specific toys and action figures, including pictures, reviews and anecdotes. These kinds of articles will still be around, they just don't have a specific name yet.

Finally, if you have comments, requests or suggestions of any kind, just leave a comment in one of the articles.