Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lego 10228 - Monster Fighters Haunted Mansion

A weekend update... I don't really do the news stuff, but I had to comment on this one. I also suspect I'm one of the first to share these images. The 10228 Haunted Mansion looks to be coming out this September, at $180, and it looks to be amazing.

Undead chef, retro styled glow in the dark ghosts, boarded windows, modular building by the looks of it, and I hope it will match the other modulars. You can at least fold it open from the middle. This is just a massive amount of awesome. Notice the top of the pillars... Nice detail!

Lego, take all my money!


G.I.JACs said...

That is so awesome! makes me wish I still collected lego!

Jon said...

I agree, JACs. But you don't need to collect Lego to get the sets you like. I know many people who didn't collect Lego until the Monster Fighter line. I truly believe there's a Lego set for everyone.