Monday, June 11, 2012

Sugar Roasted Nuts

Ok, maybe not "roasted", but this is a nifty little trick that can come in handy.

Read on!

This is as simple as it looks. You may heat up the nuts first, in a casserole on medium heat. Keep them moving so they don't burn.
How you do it: Add a tablespoon of sugar for every 5 nuts. Keep stiring slowly. The sugar will melt, but it may take longer than you realize, depending on how much heat you're using. After a while, the sugar will solidify more, and the nuts are done. Remember to be careful of the boiling sugar. It's sticky and extremely hot. You don't want it on your body
Notice that the nuts increase in size when they are heated.

You can use your sugar nuts in confection, home made chocolate bits, cake, or simply as they are. They are delicious. Try also syrup or honey instead of sugar.

Chocolate bits with sugar nuts

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