Monday, December 30, 2013

2.5 years of Toys and Bacon... What's next?

I've been producing content more or less regularly for over two years now, and now is the time to either take this to the next level, or scale it down significantly.

Some of the content I produce has been well thought out, starting out as a plan, going through a process like any article. I do research, I take pictures, I think thoroughly about what I will write. In order to maintain the schedule, I have also churned out zero-effort content. We're talking single pictures, news updates, content where schedule has taken precedence over quality.

I look through the list of updates from the year that has gone, and I see stuff like the recipe for How to make Artichoke Pizza, the list of the Top Ten Female Action Figures of the 80s, the article on Masters of the Universe Artwork, or the thoughts on toy collecting and nostalgia
All these are from 2013, and they are all work I can be proud of.

But I just don't have time to produce stuff like this every week. For every quality update, I see too many fillers, too much fluff. I can't stand by content that doesn't really fit my standards when I know what I'm actually capable of producing.

Truth is, I'd rather produce quality content when I have the time for it, than to stick with the schedule and share updates with no substance.

So going forwards, I will not bind myself to a schedule, but rather produce and share content when I feel I have something meaningful to say. I'll continue to produce articles on toys, recipes, top ten lists, even videos, but I won't promise content two times a week.

I think this is a good change, and I'd rather see Toys and Bacon 2014 contain ten great articles than 70 mediocre ones.

All this said, 2013 haven't been bad. Feel free to single out your favorite article I made this year. Feel free to share your own favorite recipes and toys of 2013, your opinions on the year in general even. I welcome your comments as usual.

If you have any sort of comments, suggestions, or even would like to write a guest article, let me know in a comment here, on twitter or on youtube.

Happy new year, people!

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Happy New Year SG!