Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Star Wars Episode 7 Concept Art

A handful of concept art pieces leaked the other day, and I thought it was worth talking a bit about the value of these illustrations.

Me, and many of my generation are probably as excited as it's possible to be for a movie. I even knowpeople outside my generation are excited for the new movie. The popularity of Star Wars extends far beyond the kids that grew up watching it.

And we just can't wait. We have to know all the information right away! Every little piece of news regarding the JJ Abrams directed movie has the internet buzzing. Now that Lucas is out of the picture, we shouldn't have to worry about repercussions should we leak secret information. It's not like the new owners are overly protective of their copyrights.
Well, except if your image sort of resembles one of their million trademarked logos. 
Anyway, I don't fear any C&D letters, simply because I have nothing to gain from sharing these images. And to be fair, these illustrations does nothing but get fans more excited, so for all I know, the leak may be fully intentional.

But for the sake of the fans that want to go in to the theater with zero knowledge of what's coming, I'll put a break.

So hop on in for Star Wars Episode 7 concept art!

Well, this could be anything. It's a downsized Millennium Falcon, but other than that, I don't know. Maybe Han Solo has a lot of fans in the new republic, fans who want to copy his style. Maybe the Corellian freighter was reissued, but due to increased production costs, they had to scale it down.
Kira is, as far as I know the female protagonist, and she looks to be a Jedi. I like the style, it looks to be a bit more practical than the robes the Jedi usually wear. 
Is this her companions? The droid looks to be a cuter version of R2D2. 
Exploring ancient Jedi/Sith temples, I hope. That was the big draw with comics like Tales of the Jedi, and Tales of the Sith. The idea that this has been going on for thousands of years, and traces of those old cultures are still there to be discovered.
I kinda wanted to save the best for last, but I'm not sure this is a shock. That Darth Vader has a follower should come as no surprise to anyone. This may be the main antagonist of the movie, the entire set of sequels even. I'm really feeling this guy, with his robotic hand, and face. 
Another theory is that this simply is Luke Skywalker. But you know, Luke promised us he would never turn to the dark side. 
Except in the comics, but who read those?
A digression. Here's more concept art from the upcoming movie.

New lightsabers. I guess they look kinda "futuristic" compared to the ones we're used to. I hope to see something really exciting with the sabers, similar to the dual saber of Episode 1. Lightdagger? Lightwhip? I'm sure all of this has already been used in the Expanded Universe. 
Max von Sydow has a role in the new movie. Is this his character? Is this the same dude brooding over Vader's helmet? 
Finally just some scenery. I just love these illustrations. The AT-AT turned into a dwelling is amazing, and it just makes a lot of sense. The Empire probably left a lot of stuff behind in various planets. People would definitely have put it to use.

So there it is. Leaked Concept Art from the upcoming Star Wars movie. There are more illustrations floating around on the net, but I chose the ones I liked the most.
Personally, I don't feel anything is spoiled, and like I said, this only makes me more excited for the movie. Now, I don't intend to find out everything in advance, Fan Boys style. But I welcome drops and bits to remind me of the potential of this movie.

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