Thursday, June 13, 2013

Support the Lego Cuusoo Modular Costume Store

I've mentioned the Cuusoo project before. Basically it's fan created models that Lego eventually turns into official sets. The process of deciding what sets gets made is done by other fans voting, and as soon as a set hits 10.000 votes, Lego decides whether it's suitable for release or not. Cuusoo means "wish" in Japanese, and this is an actual way of getting the Lego sets fans wish for. Cuusoo has given us three sets so far, with a fourth greenlit.

The first two were Japanese exclusives in a small submarine and a satellite. The third one was the extremely popular, and totally awesome Minecraft set. The fourth one will be Back to the Future set, which I suspect will dwarf the Minecraft set in terms of popularity.

Now, I see many great sets being submitted to Cuusoo all the time, and some of them are reasonable both in concept, size and demand. But there's really only one I absolutely wish gets made.

The Costume Corner Modular.

I saw this a while back, before it was submitted to Cuusoo, and was floored. It's simply put a masterpiece.

The colors of the building are unique next to the modular line, it makes for great customization with the interior - what costumes to store. It fits perfectly within the modular theme, not too strange, fully plausible, yet it's something very unique. But most importantly, it's an impressive design. The way the walls are done, the way the tiles in the street blends into the stair, the interior, it's fantastic.

Check out more pictures here:

I doubt this will get made. The demand for more modulars are high, but not in competition with movie/game sets. There's also the question of size, with the current Cuusoo sets being between 150 and 400 pieces, the Costume Corner looks to be well over 2000. Of course, one could hope Brent Waller's Costume Corner actually gets picked up by Lego and produced as a regular modular set some time in the future. And in the meantime, why not show support to this set over at the Cuusoo page?

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