Thursday, September 12, 2013

Do they really care about enthusiast like us?

A fellow enthusiast, Tom, over at Reasonally Intelligent Rambling, wrote a couple of days ago concerns over his content. With the growing awareness towards privacy, and the not-really-shocking news that NSA and other sections of the government has the ability to spy on regular folks, it makes sense to question our content and who our readers really are.

I see that Tom since then has deleted that specific ramble, but his short article went along the lines that he writes about guns, weapons, plastic and so on. His argument was that since these were key words for automated searches made by the NSA, he could potentially end on a watch list.

Relax. It's not a real gun!
Even though Tom has a much larger quantity of articles about military toys than I do, I guess I fall in the same category. I know for a fact that I have articles with "gun" and "weapon" in the titles. I have written about hydrogen peroxide, a chemical that for all I know could be dangerous. And I constantly complain about a certain huge corporation. I have even written about the great hazard a toy could prove to be! In the right hands, the head of a Minifigure could be lethal!

Is this enough to get me on NSA's watch list? Well, the fact that I publish and article containing the words "NSA" is probably enough. A more relevant question is if they care. I hope so. I hope they care enough to read my articles, because some of them are worth the read. Maybe I even reach that one NSA agent who, at the end of his shift, actually wanted nothing more than to relax, kick back, and read about Minifigures. You're welcome!

Any in any case, do not let the threat of ending up on a watch list restrain you from writing about action figures, and certainly don't let it scare you away from quality content, like the Reasonally Intelligent Rambling blog. Tom writes about military action figures, customizing, contemporary G.I. Joe figures and a lot more. Check it out!

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