Thursday, August 23, 2012

Figure Friday: Transformers Box Art part 2

No internet, no kitchen, all toys packed in boxes. It's not sad, but it is a bit annoying. I'm not sure when I'm back with the regular schedule, but I can assure you I have some cool stuff on the way, both when it comes to displaying action figures, and recipes.
Today, I'll share some more Transformers box art, mostly from Japanese releases. So step in for the robots!

The box art is important.

At least it felt that way back in the day. The image on the box stuck with you as the perceived way your toy looked. Of course, you all know the way Transformers G1 looks, they're immobile box-shaped things, barely resembling anything - at least in robot mode.

Take Power Master Optimus Prime for instance.When he was sold, he came with magnificent art, to make him cool... and able to bend his elbows. And move his feet. And turn his head. The first image is of Super God Ginrai, or something. It's the Japanese variant with additional stuff to make Prime bigger. And here to the left is the European art. Still cool, but I always preferred the Japanese box art for some reason. The image is borrowed from . Botch has a great website, compiling almost every Transformers box art.

We start with the big one. Fortress Maximus. This is the Japanese box art. The biggest toy in the line. 
Here's the European/US art. Still cool, but you see what I mean. The differences are there. 
Jetfire. One of the best toys ever made. 
Shockwave was always a favorite of mine in the comics. 
Predaking - a combiner formed of the Predacons. Massive toy that was reissued recently. 
Computron, a combiner of the Technobots has yet to be reissued. My favorite combiner. 
More Japanese exclusive art. This is Metrotitan, you remember him?
Star Saber was the hero in one of the later Japanese cartoons. Transformers Victory... I think. 
More Star Saber. 
And here's Victory Leo. I don't know the story of the cartoon, and to be honest it's not good enough for me to waste time on. But the toys are cool, and the art is even cooler. 
Finally, the magnificent combination of Star Saber and Victory Leo: Victory Saber. 

Have a good weekend, people!

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