Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How to Decorate a House (when you own literally a ton of toys)?

I'm moving these days.

As usual, I'll not be able to display all my toys in my new apartment, and I actually prefer to do it a bit more delicate and tasteful than I've done before.
The question is, do I go with glass cabinets?
Do I place toys next to more common stuff like vases and flowers?
Will I spread the chosen few toys around in my apartment, or will I dedicate a single room for them?
Will the toys on display be there for a longer time period, or will I have more of a rotating exhibition.
And the big question, what makes the cut, and what goes into boxes, into closets?

I've shown this picture before. I like the idea of displaying toys in glass cabinets, and I like this because it's a rather varied bunch of toys, all in great condition. Some really well known, some obscure. Mostly old, but some new.

Feel free to chime in with suggestions, and pictures of how you display your toys.

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