Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cheese Flutes

I'm not actually certain what the proper name for these things are. They are small bread rolls with cheese. I'd call them cheese horns, but I guess flute or bugle could do as well. I'm going flutes. Leave a comment if you think of a better name. 

This is a personal favorite after making pizza. I'm usually left with additional dough, and I'm way too cheap to throw away excess dough. Delicious with cheese, jam, ham, butter, etc. Great for breakfast the day after.
Step on in for recipe and pictures!

The recipe for pizza dough is extremely simple, and is very similar to my recipe for bread rolls.

- 500 ml water (heated up to body temp)
- A tiny bit of salt
- A large spoon of margarine (or olive oil if you want softer bread)
- Yeast
- Wheat flour (add until the dough is compact, but still sticky)

Usually, I'll use a bit more salt for the pizza dough. I'll also use margarine to get crisper crust. Other than that, it's pretty straight forward, as the pictures will show. Bake until you think they're done, then leave them in a little while longer. Be careful if you're using hot air function on your oven.  


Also, this could have been another "recipes and ranting", but I'm ok with MOTUC Castle Grayskull being MOTU scaled and not MOTUC scaled. I'm totally ok. I'm fine. Really. It's cool that the figures can't get through the front gate. It's. All. Ok. Not. 

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