Friday, May 10, 2013

Figure Friday: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

A rare return for the Figure Friday article, it just worked that way this week. The brother of my girlfriend was eager to show me some of his old toys, and pulled out a nice little collection of 2003s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I grew up with the first wave of Turtles figures, the ones from the early 90s, and I vividly remember playing with an insane line-up of wacky toys.

These ones, which I guess can be considered the second wave, look to be similarly wacky. I like this. It's fun, cool, just like action figures should be.
What's even more cool is the impressive play set, the Sewer. The contemporary TMNT toy line also has a great looking playset, released last year, and it goes to show, we shouldn't have to pay $500 for a lackluster play set, when awesome ones are >$100.

Either way, hop on in for many pictures.

All closed up, the Sewer play set is compact and easy to both store and carry around. 
A good play set really should be able to double as a storage unit for the figures. 
Raphael pops up. 
Different areas all have different play features. 
Bottom right has various screens and a couch... for tiny turtles figures. Not sure what the deal is with these guys. 
Top left has a spring loaded turret. 
Center area has a lift to the surface. 
Bottom left looks like a broken subway car. 
The play set also includes some props, like this work bench, which with the push of a button turns into...
Another workbench. 
Center bottom level has a magnificent play feature, where two figures can battle. They can be placed on pegs connected to rods, similar to the table ice hockey games of old. 
Across the entire Sewer is a zip line. 
Top right has a play feature where a figure can be thrown out of the Sewer. 
Where did he go? 
A couple of vehicles. 
Party Wagon also has a play feature. 

It's exciting to see these toys, because they were released at a time when I wasn't really following the toy community. Sure, I picked up stactions, Marvel Legends, and vintage. But back then, a decade ago, these Turtles were absolutely intended for kids, and not collectors. Curiously enough, it's these 2003 Turtles that are now gaining interest among collectors, as Turtles once again are relevant.

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