Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The evil of foods is a master of deception

And it should come as no surprise. It's called the "eggplant" after all. Disguised as the best thing in the world, all the while being the worst thing you can imagine.

Here's a picture of the evil vegetable while still infants. Why people don't just let them rot, I can't understand. But then again, people are weird and on a general basis have extremely poor taste.

In more cheerful news, the summer is gradually making its presence known, and I encourage you all too light up that meat, and enjoy an eggplant-free barbecue season!


Unknown said...

For a traditional Lebanese dish, we take a whole eggplant, stick it on the stove and smoke the crap out of it. After the eggplant is sufficiently cooked (until practically gooey), we peel it, mash it well, mix in some fresh lemon/lime juice, crushed garlic, a tiny bit of sesame paste and salt & pepper to taste. Top it off with a drizzle of olive oil and, my favorite part, pomegranate seeds.
This is sometimes called Baba Ghannouj, but we call it Moutabbal.
Before I tasted moutabbal for the first time, I hated eggplants too!

Jon said...

Hey Reef. That doesn't sound to bad. I particularly liked the part where you mashed the eggplant.