Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fish with spices

Boring title?
Well, dinner can be boring. Dinner is more often than not something you just need to make out of necessity and not because you're feeling creative. Even if you're making your best to keep the mindset to experiment every time you cook, you can still have those days where it's just food. It's just fuel for the engine. And those days, you might just as well just grind all the ingredients into something liquid and gulp it down.

Here's the result from such a day. Fish (it's really inconsequential what kind, but it's pollock) with three different spices. This is me trying to force myself to do something different. Coriander is a common spice to use for fish, and I guess I'm not taking big risks with the other two either: Oregano and chili.
There's not really a lot more to say about this particular meal, but I can say how I would improve it if I had been in the more creative mind state.
First of all, I should have made a sauce. A mild sauce (bechamel is a good choice here) since the fish is naturally salt, and the spices are on the more tasteful side. Secondly, instead of having them in the frying pan, I could have baked them. And finally, I would have added some nuts or pine cores, either in with the fish or in the salad. Potatoes? Rice? Sure, why not, if I was making food for more than myself, this would have been obvious.

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