Monday, December 19, 2011

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are (is?) really easy to make, and takes less time than to boil the eggs... or does it?

Read on for.. well not necessarily a recipe, because I assume you know it already, but read on for a few pictures.

I've talked about eggs so many times before, and I've also explained why: Eggs are the most versatile ingredient, it's very healthy, and most importantly, it tastes awesome. It does help a bit that the eggs in Norway are awesome, and the ones I get are even better. You don't have to travel farther than to Denmark before you can't eat soft boiled eggs. Here you can eat them raw without risking anything. I get my eggs from the local farmer, and they are absolutely massive, as fresh as you can get them without having poultry in your backyard, and they are actually cheaper than in the grocery store.

You'd think there was no secret to making scrambled eggs, because in essence you can just mix the eggs a bit and throw them in the pan while stirring, and you would most likely get a decent result.
But there are secrets. I will show you some of them.

First of all, use fresh eggs. This seems like a rather obvious point to make, but as with all other cooking, the quality of the ingredients matter.

Second secret: Onions. A finely chopped onion (or leek, as I used here) will add a really sweet and natural taste to the scrambled eggs.
I also add a small drop of milk, some salt and a heavy dose of pepper in my scrambled eggs.
Mix properly!

Final secret from me, use time! Yes, I said that this meal takes less time to make than boiled eggs, but if you really want to make the best scrambled eggs, cook them on low heat for a long time. Keep stirring, keep it moving. If you led it solidify as a solid piece, you get omelet, and that's something else.
When the mix is compact enough for your taste, you can eat.


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Unknown said...

Egg posts are always useful & appreciated! Will be trying the slow-cook tip soon :)