Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bacon/Guacamole Toast

And there came a day, unlike any other... When earth's mightiest heroes found themselves united against a common threat. On that day they...

Wait a second. What's this?

Let me try again. Let me try to focus on less important matters.

And there came a day, when you had just made guacamole, and had nothing to use it with. Sure, you could just eat it, alongside fried eggs or bread. Or you could use in the most obvious fashion, and have it as a side dish in a Mexican-inspired meal.

I assume you saw the guacamole I made earlier this week. I thought it was good enough to just eat without anything else, but I had made more than enough for a couple of meals.
I thought to myself, how do I combine guacamole and bacon in the most natural way? Well, I got the idea from another blogger, for once. Usually, I'm able to pull that simple, and obvious ideas out of my own hat, but as I stumbled upon the guacamole sandwich, I almost got embarrassed. Here I had made guacamole, and I had to look elsewhere for inspiration how to eat it.

Anyway, I'll not link this blog, because it was awful, cluttered with popups and adverts. Yes, I know I have an ad on my blog too, but that's mainly for getting the stats. I can assure you, I make absolutely nothing writing Toys and Bacon - other than the sweet feeling of pride there is in creating amazing stuff for the Internet. You're welcome.

And with that, here's the bacon/guacamole toast:


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