Friday, April 13, 2012

Figure Friday: Cobra BUGG

I have mentioned the 1988 Cobra BUGG on many occasions, so I thought it was appropriate to finally show it to the rest of the world. Well, those of you who are into G.I. Joe, are probably fully aware of this magnificent ocean-tank. There's just so much cool going on here. Several compartments can open, there is room for tons of Cobra dudes, the bubble that can separate, the play value is out of this world. And it comes with quite possibly the coolest vehicle driver in the entire line. Yes, I know, I know. Secto Viper only reached #14, and Payload was a top 5, but there's something absolutely delicious about see through visors.

I will admit, I have a hard time figuring out how this vehicle actually functions underwater. But I guess stuff that works in James Bond and Disney comics is just as feasible in the G.I. Joe universe. Either way, this is a fun toy!
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The Bugg is massive, it actually feels a lot larger than it is, because it's tall and wide. I like the fact that the body of the vehicle resembles a crustacean. The space is used good, but there are hollow, unused room beneath the docks for the water jets. Sharp eyes may notice that it has reproduction stickers, I picked this one up unassembled, but missing sticker sheet. The Bugg easily has room for nine figures inside, and two riding on the outside.


Anonymous said...

This looks fun!

Really awesome with all the Secto-vipers, too!

Jon said...

Yes, the Bugg is just a big pile of fun. Most Joe vehicles had a decent play value, but this one is definitely one of the best in that regard. And you can't go wrong with multiple Secto Vipers.