Sunday, October 14, 2012

Campfire Bread

This is a fun one, and I encourage you all to go hiking or camping while you still have the weather for it. Winter is definitely coming sooner than later. 

Today, we're making campfire bread. Bring a dough on your trips and make your own bread on the fire. 

Read on! 

A dough could be the same one used here. But the best result is the pure wheat dough from my bread rolls

- 500 ml water (heated up to body temp)
- A tiny bit of salt- A large spoon of margarine (or olive oil if you want softer bread)- Yeast- Wheat flour (add until the dough is compact, but still sticky)

Very simple. 

Wrap it up in a plastic bag and bring it with you. 
Twist it around a stick, or even around a hot dog, hold it over the campfire. 

Make sure to not hold it directly in the flame, as it will only turn into charcoal. Hold it where the campfire is absolutely hottest, preferably when the wood is just glowing bits of coal. Eat the parts that are done before you continue to roast the parts that are not. 

Dog likes bread too, but prefers hot dogs. 

Break off pieces that are done. What is an ordinary recipe ends up tasting amazing when you're out in the wild

Enjoy your camping and your campfire bread.

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