Tuesday, October 16, 2012

MOTUC Castle Grayskull set up to fail

At New York Comic Con, Mattel dropped the bomb on us. They would consider making Castle Grayskull in the Masters of the Universe Classics line.

A modern update of the playset we all had and loved. 

Realize that fans have been dreaming about this moment ever since the line began. We've actually been asking for the castle from the very second we knew there would be a Classics toy line. 

And it's happening. Maybe. Because it seems Mattycollector are intentionally setting themselves up to fail. 

Consider these facts:

1. Matty is not going into production of Castle Grayskull unless they reach their minimum limit. 

2. They have set a final date of November 10th. That's less than a month for people to decide on this. 

3. The decision should be easy enough, right? It's our dream toy! 
Well.. This is the best and biggest image we have of the current design process. 

Basically we're buying blind. Again. Like we did with the Hoverboard (which turned out to be completely shit). 
Top it off with a $250 price tag. 

4. International shipping is $200. Clocking in at more than $500 after import taxes, I'm surprised if they get any international buyers at all. 

And we know we'll be blamed. I can hear Toyguru... 

"You, the fans, did not want this enough!"

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