Monday, October 24, 2011

Meat Week: Sausages

Sadly, there will be a few days with slightly shorter entries, as I'm in the middle of something that requires my attention. But you can expect both toys and bacon within the next week. Starting off the Meat Week is a really short one about sausages.

Read on for just a tiny bit more...

Sausages can be so much, anything from air-dried Spanish chorizo to slow-smoked German wurst. I'm just guessing, but I assume that every culture has their own tradition of making sausages.
But sausages is definitely not for everyone. I know quite a handful that really just doesn't like them. And I can understand that. It's minced meat of usually questionable quality stuffed inside intestines and then either slowly dried or smoked, or boiled. Sounds kind of nasty.
The whole process of stuffing intestines with meat is an extremely old tradition of preparing meat, and the part where they drying or smoking the food is obviously an even older tradition of storing food.

Adding bacon - the ancient way of securing a win
My personal favorites in this very wide genre is probably the many different salted and dried sausages - the salamis.

There are still butchers who take pride in making great sausages of every kind, and the one below is a very good example. A local butcher with a great reputation makes this, very reminiscent of the kinds you would get in Italy. The meat is of high quality, it's low on fat as well as flour and various indescribable ingredients you'd find in less ambitious sausages. A very specific taste of sage, thyme and rosemary, and presented in an old-fashioned way you just have adore.

Enjoy, people!

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