Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Meat Week: Sister Makes Various Meals

Some festivities today, a family member was celebrated and my sister got creative with tapas.

Read on for just a bit more. Like I said on Monday, my entries this week will be shorter than usual.

So birthdays were celebrated, cake was consumed, people talked louder than usual, and I had to take pictures with the phone instead of my trusty Canon...
On the menu, among other things was:
• Salmon with mustard sauce
• Pork meatballs
• Chili Chicken bits
• Potato cones
I wish I had pictures of all this. The pork meatballs were particularly good.

Unsurprisingly enough, what I did manage to snap pictures of were the things that contained bacon.
First up was the red meatballs. These were high quality ground beef, and nothing else. Apart from a wide selection of spices. The triangular things are fried bacon-mashed potato triangles. Because, why not?

Next up was oven baked goat cheese wrapped in bacon. Because why not?

Enjoy, people. I sure did.

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