Monday, May 28, 2012

How to make Bouillabaisse

This is my mother's recipe of a dish she calls Bouillabaisse. She's a skilled cook, and more willing than most others to try out new recipes, and new ways of making old  recipes. With that in mind, I have no idea if this actually is Bouillabaisse or not, but it was a really tasty dish using various seafood.
Relatively quick to make, this was a dish that could be a welcome change on a boring Monday.

Read on!

You need:

Scampi or shrimps
Spring Onion
Tomatoes (can be canned)
Serve with good bread

Start by making a broth. Use vegetable or fish bouillon, add water and let it boil a bit. Meanwhile you make a pot with carrots, onion, spring onion, salt, pepper and oil/margarine. Let it steam a bit before you add the broth to the vegetables.

Now you can add the canned tomatoes. You could cut them to slightly smaller pieces (with a scissor, for instance), but it's not necessary.

What seafood can you add to this? Well, I couldn't make up my mind, so I went with salmon, cod and halibut. I believe the proper bouillabaisse should have mussels, but I used some scampi I had lying in the freezer instead. Cut the fish in big pieces.

Add the fish first, let it boil for a while. If you defrost the scampi, or they are raw, add them when the fish is almost done. If they are frozen, add them with the fish.

Add thyme, mix a carefully. It's done. Serve with home made bread. Enjoy!

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