Monday, May 14, 2012


As I leave this world (for a few days), remember to eat healthy and open your toys. I will have an update on Wednesday and Friday, but they will be extremely simple.

Honey roasted nuts. Perfect in cakes and chocolate
Inside today is a really varied selection of pictures. Some just doesn't warrant an individual article, some can be considered teasers for future articles and some were leftovers from other articles that I still wanted to share. Enjoy.

Start with putting this album on play. Great progressive and ambient electronic background music.

Cinnamon rolls from when I wrote the Sweet Roll article. 
I've made quite a few custom action figures. This is when I tried to make a Darkwing Duck. I'll have another go at this one someday. Missing mask? I know. 
Homemade sushi. Will I ever dare to take bigger risks when making sushi? Different  types of fish, other types of rolls. Someday. 
Orko and tea
Urge. I drank this when I was a kid, and I see that it's still popular among the younger generations. Was sold in the United States as "Surge".
My cat is always interested in the food I make. 
A really cool pinup of The Avengers by artist Marcio Takara. Check out his other work
Snake Mountain box art. We'll never see the MOTUC version of this, sadly. It would have been monumental. 
Whale beef. Fantastic meat. Will be featured in the future, in what will be my most controversial article. 

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