Friday, May 18, 2012

Figure friday: assembling the tomahawk

Every summer for the last ten years, I've treated myself with a big toy of some sort. It has been everything from the box sets from Marvel Legends, to the big Lego buildings. Today, as last year, it will probably be a robot of some sort, or maybe the always relevant unassembled G.I. Joe vehicle.

There's something about assembling a Joe vehicle. It's relaxing, soothing, almost meditative - In addition to it being incredibly fun. Taking the time to study how it was produced, and how it's assembled. Noticing details in paint and sculpt. The idea of the toy being completely unused, the thought of playing with a pristine example of a toy. The thought of the screaming elitist collectors who think that a toy like this is best left inside the box.
Open your toys people!

And here's a few pictures from me assembling the mighty Tomahawk a few years back.

The Tomahawk is one of the best toys ever made. I can say this because I was there in the gold age of plastic toys - the 80s. I can say this because I sort of pay attention to what is cool among the kids these days, mostly with the help of my nephew. They still make cool toys, don't get me wrong. But there's a reason the best toys today are remakes or continuations of older toys.  
Last September, The Tomahawk was featured in a Figure Friday article, one I'm still very proud of. And what follows was the process of putting it together. 

Enjoy your weekend!


Anonymous said...

"... there's a reason the best toys today are remakes or continuations of older toys. "

You got that right, spot on!

That's really neat to see how it came out of the box. My Tomahawk is second-hand, I always assumed that the thing came in two halves.

(I split the rear engine on one to repair the rear hub based on this assumption.)

That is one clean interior deck and clear canopy!

Jon said...

that surprised me as well. I never had the tomahawk as a kid, but many friends had it. It never occurred to me that it came in one piece, even though it clearly is two halves.

Danielb said...
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