Monday, May 7, 2012

Tips for dinner: Pork Tenderloin with Salad

This was something a friend made this weekend, and it was worth sharing. Pork tenderloin is a lot cheaper than beef, but is in my opinion one of the tastier parts of the pig. Along with bacon, obviously.

Give the tenderloin a quick round in the frying pan, just to add a crust. This will contain the juices, and it's definitely worth doing, as pork will easily become too dry. Rub lemon, garlic, salt and pepper on the tenderloin, and put it inside the pre-heated oven at 125° C, and use a thermometer to time it. When the thermometer is between 70-76  °C, the tenderloin is done, depending on how pink you want the meat. Let it rest for a few minutes after you take it out.

Salad of cucumber, tomato, sweet pepper, feta cheese, olive oil, basil.

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