Monday, November 5, 2012

Brie with walnuts and honey

The Brie cheese is a great one. It has a very mild and neutral taste, and a creamy, delicious texture. You can use it with salt food, or sweet. On bread with salami, on bread with jam, the Brie works perfectly. 

I guess this is another one of those desserts that's embarrassingly simple to make, yet it will impress almost anyone. Considering that it's also ridiculously fast to make, and you have an obvious winner for almost any  nice dinner party. The recipe is pretty much self-explanatory. Slice up some brie, add walnuts and honey. The honey can be replaced with maple syrup, and you can obviously use any nuts you want. I prefer the walnuts though. Feel free to experiment with spices like pepper, chili and cinnamon - at your own risk of course. 


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