Monday, November 19, 2012

Tomato Sauce Revisited

I'm having so much fun with tomato sauces these days. A rabid fan of customization of... anything, the endless ways of doing tomato sauces brings me delight.

I guess I'm also a bit inspired, after watching The Layover, with Anthony Bourdain. An episode where he visited Rome - a city that didn't really come off as a great place to visit, but one thing stuck: Bourdain's praise of their simple pasta with tomato sauce.

Tomatoes in Norway tastes nothing. Literally nothing. Water with substance. So there's really no other way to use them, than to add taste.

This one had a large portion of onion, maybe two fifths were onion, the rest were cherry tomatoes. I also added garlic, oregano, pepper, salt, a small spoon of sugar and a nice amount of olive oil. I let it cook for roughly an hour. Deliciously chewy, under-cooked pasta, and a few slices of salami makes the entire meal.

Fun, versatile, extremely cheap, and really the only way to use tomatoes that doesn't taste a thing.

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