Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Change is good and robots are cool

The world has changed, ever so slightly.

And change is good. Of course, this time (luckily, some would say), the change was not as dramatic as it could have been. And certainly not as dramatic as last time it the world changed. But it's still change. And change is good.

Change is a good thing, but for many it can be frightening. Familiarity, on the other hand, is a comfortable thing. Naturally, changed based on something familiar is something most people can tolerate.

The proposed Masters of the Universe Classics Castle Grayskull is familiar. But the size and cost is drastically increased over the toys we're used to from this toy line. Right now, the most expensive figures have been the Wind Raider and the Giants, at roughly $50. Castle Grayskull is $250.

I had several issues with CG a few weeks ago, and I even said that it was set up to fail. Now it looks like it may see release. Toyguru still says we're a few pre-orders away from the goal, and of course I encourage you to go order one. I did.

I like what we're being promised, and while I don't expect to be blown away*, I welcome the change - if you can call it that. It's been far too long since we saw a major playset in a contemporary toy line. Last I remember was The Pit from 2009's G.I Joe line. It wasn't all that great. In fact the best thing about it was that it came with a decent version of Hawk.

*Truth be told, I do expect to be blown away. The designers Four Horsemen have always done phenomenal with the budget they're given by Mattel. I can imagine they are just as excited as the fans to see a Classics Castle Grayskull.

I don't think I need to help Mattel sell the Castle Grayskull project, but should you be on the fence, read this thread from Toyguru, and head on over to Mattycollector and get your order in.

Now, on to something slightly different, yet relevant to the topic.

Writing a blog - you have to assume people are interested in what you're writing. Otherwise there wouldn't be a reason to write it. Sure, I can treat Toys and Bacon as a diary, and for all intents and purposes, it is. But I also know that it has a value to my readers.
Well.. at least most of the time.

My point is that even when I'm painfully irrelevant, the words here have value to someone. And I have to continue being me, writing like I do and keep doing this thing. I may change ever so slightly, and I plan to announce a small change to the way this blog is produced in the near future.

But the essence of the blog will still remain. It will be personal, and random, not scripted and fake. It will be a blog about humans, a blog by humans. It won't be automated, forced and mechanical. There's a reason for this. I truly believe people are more interested in people than they are in robots.


Wait a minute.. That's not right, is it?

Enjoy the day, people! Keep on changing!

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