Monday, March 12, 2012

Good things in life: Bacon toast

Most of the stuff I write about can be described as good things. But that's from my point of view.
I'm of course fully aware that there's something universally good about for instance Lego, bread or superheroes. While other things, like whiskey and bootleg toys - I know these are acquired tastes, not for everyone.

Read on for the universally good bacon toast.

Admittedly, there are other things in life than toys and food that could be described as good as well, but I'll leave those topics for other bloggers.

Bacon is a constant.
Bacon could very well be used as a measurement for good, along with waffles and transforming robots.

I'm not oblivious, I see the limits of bacon. It's definitely not as versatile as eggs. I'd have a hard time eating bacon in cakes and candy, all though I have heard about chocolate covered bacon.

But for what it's intended for - breakfast, lunch, dinner - bacon is the very pinnacle of what you can eat.

So about that toast...
Use low heat when you cook the bacon, take your time.
Bread, cheese, mustard if you want. Onion, tomato, chili.

It's fully possible to make this without a sandwich toaster. You could just use your oven. But for a compact, unified combination, I prefer the sandwich toaster.


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