Monday, September 19, 2011

The Color of Evil

Art studies tells us that the colors have certain attributes. It's called symbolism... There are traits, emotions, connotations associated with each color. For instance, green is youth, health, luck. Blue is harmony, peace, truth. White is purity, innocence. Purple is nobility, mystery. Red strength, passion, love. If there was a color of good it would have to be white or green. The symbolism is vague about this. But on the topic of what's evil, there's usually a consensus. Evil is black.

If you have heard something similar to this, someone has lied to you. Good thing you are here, to read the truth. To be shown the truth. Obviously, at this point you kinda have to read on for more...

I will agree that in boring, outated art, this form of color symbolism may work. Other than that, the above traits connected to the colors... nonsense. Not just wrong, but complete and utter failure. Who came up with this? What were they thinking? What were they eating?

I'll tell you what colors are good, and what colors are really evil.
I can even do better. ..

I will show you what colors are good, and what colors are evil!

Let us start with the good things first. You don't have to look for complex symbols to see what's good. It's right there in the nature!

And of course, my personal favorite, the sweet pepper. Look, they're even heart shaped!

Still not convinced? Let me put some images into your mind...

The color of good is clearly the color red. But at this point, I would still be open for other opinions on this matter.
But if you have ever read this blog before, you know what's good in life. It's food and toys. The constants.
So what are the colors that represent good and evil in toys?

The Autobots - Optimus Prime and his buddies, are clearly painted in the color of strawberry jam, Italian pizza and chili. They are red. They are the good guys.

What about their enemies, the evil Decepticons? Shouldn't they by the outdated definition of evil be black?

Clearly not.
That last one is Galvatron, the most ruthless of all malevolent evil robots. I'll admit that he's mostly gray, but it all adds up. The Decipticons are purple.
Purple is the color of evil.

Quick! Name one purple food!
My guess is that you named the same as I did.
And if you're like me, one who enjoys food, you are most likely also baffled that people actually eat this thing.

With the outer texture of a dead, skinned rat.
The insides like a frozen snail that's partially thawed and dipped in a bowl of snot.
The ironic, but creepy taste of nothing!

It's the eggplant/aubergine. The evil of foods.

At this point, I'm not even sure if the Decepticons have the color purple, or the color eggplant.
Either way, it's evil.

But... there's a fine line between good and evil...


Unknown said...

I've heard that purple is the color of madness...

Anonymous said...

purple is the color that controls that masses, the color that keeps them silent about the secret evil that goes on. i hate the color purple, i have stars in my eyes.